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Episode 99: Angels, Intuition & The Witch Wound

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In this episode we have the amazing guest expert Taylor Paige, we dive into topics on angelic healing, numbers, and how to connect with your angels or guides. We also talk about the Witch wound and what is the definition of a Witch. Intuition vs fear or ego and how to begin tapping into your intuition and so much more.

Taylor Paige is an internationally recognized Angelic Intuitive, Astrologer, and Evidential Medium. She teaches workshops on a range of topics such as Angelic Connection, Soulmate Attraction, and Witch Wound Healing. She sits with people one on one for both angel readings and birth chart readings and offers energy updates and astrology updates via her Instagram. She has been featured on several podcasts including To Be Magnetics’ Expanded Podcast and most recently The Mother Daze Podcast.

One of my favourite lines in this podcast episode: “This is not a dress rehearsal, nothing in this life is promised or guaranteed. Truly what would you do if you had no fear? That’s what you are here to do. “

Tune into episode #99:

In This Episode:

  • Taylor shares her story on how she came into this line of work
  • How to connect to your angels and guides and why it is beneficial
  • Angel numbers – signs and synchronicities
  • What are the clair’s
  • Intuition over ego, how to tell the different
  • How to improve your intuition
  • Diving tools
  • Witch wound
  • Emotions as messengers
  • Mediumship
  • Shift from perfection to service
  • Taylor shares tips if you want to be an intuitive or reader
  • Routine to ritual – Taylor shares a mic drop message at the end
  • Add more flow to your day instead of mechanically checking boxes off your list
  • The call – remembering

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