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Episode 98: Intro To Spiritual Hygiene, Energy Clearing & Protection

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Welcome to Season 2 of the Divine Health Podcast!

We are kicking this season off with an episode on Spiritual Hygiene. More specifically I will be sharing my ritual and practices that I use to protect my energy field or Aura and also how to cleanse your energy.

Your Aura is a small electromagnetic field that is all around you and it is emitted by all living things. It is believed to reflect our mental, emotional & spiritual (energy) health.

Think of it like a personal energy force field that surrounds you. It’s important to protect your energy field so you don’t have energy leaks or holes in your aura. This can cause you to leak previous energy out, and also take on things that are not even yours.

Tune into episode #98:

In This Episode:

  • What is your energy field and Aura?
  • Why it’s important to protect your energy field, the significance and benefits
  • Ritual or practice with how to protect your energy field
  • Why it’s important or beneficial to cleanse your energy field
  • How to know when to cleanse your field
  • Ritual or simple practice to cleanse your field
  • As I mentioned in the podcast, these are my views and practices. Take what resonates, and allow it to inspire you to create your own unique protection and cleansing rituals.

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