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Episode 65: Healthy Relationships with Guest Expert Dr. Morgan Anderson

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This episode contains helpful relationship tips, strategies, and information from guest expert Dr. Morgan Anderson. 

Dr. Morgan is a clinical psychologist, relationship coach, and host of the popular “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast. After finding herself in a cycle of unhealthy relationships years ago, she knew that women, just like her, needed a clear path to attracting healthy relationships and embodying secure attachment. Through the combination of NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy, and attachment theory science Dr. Morgan has helped 100 plus women rewire their brains for healthy, securely attached love through her Empowered. Secure. Loved (E.S.L) Relationship Program.

Tune into episode #65:

In this episode:

  • Dr.Morgan shares her story and why she became inspired to become a clinical psychologist
  • What is love bombing? why it is unhealthy for relationships
  • What is a narcissist? Characteristics to watch out for
  • Why conflict is actually healthy & how to have hard conversations in a healthy way
  • Dr. Morgan shares 3 helpful dialogue scripts for couples to communicate in a helpful way – you are going to want to write these down
  • Dr. Morgan shares the 2 biggest mistakes she sees couples make – they are so good you are definitely going to want to tune in and learn more
  • The biggest relationship trait or characteristic that leads to divorce 
  • Attachment Styles – what are they and why is it important to understand your attachment style in a relationship

Connect with Dr. Morgan Anderson:
Instagram: @drmorgancoaching

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