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Episode 96: Year in Review Ritual

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In this episode, I share my end of the year ritual that helps me intentionally vision cast what my goals and desires are for the New Year. It is also helpful to clear out what you are ready to let go of and leave behind in the chapter of 2023.

As always I share my practice, take what resonates with you and customize this experience to make it work for you. 

Tune into episode #96:

In This Episode:

Step #1 – Set the Scene for your Sacred Ritual – your environment sets the tone.

Step #2 – Set an intention for your ritual and experience

Step # 3 – Pull out your journal and work through the journal prompts and reflection questions in this episode. 

Step #4 – If everything went your way in 2024 at the end of the year what would that look and feel like? What would you accomplish? How would you feel? What would you want to be spending your time, energy, and money on?

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Happy New Year to this Amazing Community! 

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