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Episode 5: Financial Health & Your Money Story

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This episode dives into all things financial health and changing your money story.

Paula Wilimek a financial advisor who is passionate about helping women change their money story.  She also works hard to help women improve their financial literacy & make empowered choices with their money.

Tune into episode #5:

In this episode:

  • – what is your money story and relationship with money – how your money story is affecting you financial health
  • – paying off debt vs savings and investing – what to do when and why
  • – TFSA (tax free savings account) vs RRSP (registered retirement savings plan) 
  • – what is a cash cushion and why you should have one 
  • – how people should begin saving and investing
  • – best apps for tracking your finances 
  • – how to make tracking your finances fun
  • – set up a money date 
  • – Paula’s top 3 financial tips
  • – Paula’s top 2 favourite money book

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